Synergy Land series: Part 1

Market context

In the year of 2021, NFT becomes one of the most trendy concepts in the cryptocurrency industry with new projects booming every day. In terms of network, BSC and Ethereum are the leading blockchains with hundreds of games are running on them. However, there is one major problem that is happening with these blockchains, it is the long finality time and the high average fees. Solana has emerged as a pioneer blockchain that can solve the two problems with a near-zero finality time and no gas fee. The NFT ecosystem on Solana marks the dawn of new stage which opens up a huge opportunity for projects owners to grow on it.

Besides the time and fee problem, the game engine is also an issue that causes users to stop playing a game. But with the help of Unreal Engine, a familiar yet quality face in the gaming industry, it will allow users to give life to incredible experiences in real-time, many possibilities of integration and creation of assets and the most important feature, stability of development in the production of a game.


Synergy Land is a blockchain multiplayer ARPG game currently in development by Synergy Studio, set in a fantasy world divided into four ecosystems, each based on the following elements: earth, water, fire, and ice.

The player will take on the role of different types of heroes, exploring dungeons of up to four players who will undertake a great adventure against very powerful creatures, using a fully dynamic and innovative spell system that will allow players to combine elements to cast spells creating new beneficial or harmful synergies between them.