RankerDAO series: Part 1

Market Context: GameFi and DAOs

What does DeFi mean for Gaming?

Decentralized Finance has paved the way for play-to-earn games. It has established a framework for gamers to be able to earn real world money through NFTs.

How do they do that? By letting the players have true ownership of their digital assets that they earned by playing a game which can then be sold on a secondary marketplace.


Take Axie Infinity for example. Players of Axie Infinity can earn Smooth Love Potions (SLP) by doing daily quests and by battling other players in the arena. SLP is the game’s in-game currency that can be sold for real life money and is required to breed more Axies, and to get into the game, you need a minimum of 3 Axies. Axie Infinity depends on the assumption that more people will play the game, hence, the game economy will be needing more Axies creating a demand for more SLPs.

This is a simple supply and demand concept that drives the economy of the game which lets the players earn by simply playing the game or breeding Axies then selling them for a profit. But what if there is an oversupply of Axies? Well, the developers of Axie Infinity have thought of this already and are developing a mechanic to “burn” an Axie in exchange for other in-game benefits

More and more games are starting to embrace the play-to-earn concept and create value to their digital assets through different means such as item scarcity, rarity, demand, etc. The crypto space is revolutionizing not just the financial systems, but the gaming industry as well.

What is a DAO?

DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It means that it is an organization with no centralized leadership and that decisions get made from the bottom-up. Direction of the organization is decided by the community limited by a specific set of rules that is enforced on a blockchain.

DAOs are organizations that are owned and managed by their members collectively, usually with treasuries that are accessible only with the approval of the members. Major or minor decisions are made through proposals and then the community votes on a specific period of time.


They operate using smart contracts, which are chunks of code that are automatically executed when the criterias under the contract are met. Smart contracts were popularized by Ethereum, though multiple blockchains are now deploying them.

The rules of the DAO are established through these smart contracts, and those with a stake in the DAO have voting rights and have the power to influence the direction of the organization by deciding on governance proposals.

This model of DAO prevents proposals from being spammed given that only stakeholders have the ability to create proposals, and a proposal will only be passed once the majority of stakeholders have approved it. How that specific majority is determined differs per DAO and is defined by the smart contracts.

Given that DAOs are open-source blockchains and anyone can view the code, DAOs are fully transparent and autonomous. Literally anyone can audit the treasuries because the blockchain records all financial transactions.

DAO - The Future of Gaming

Most games are developed and managed by the company that made it. The gaming community usually just has to accept whatever direction the company takes for the game. The power to make decisions is concentrated within very select individuals of the organization. But if a game is a DAO, it means that the power lies within the community. Community members have influence over the major decisions of the organization, and the direction of the game will be decided by the community members that have a stake in the organization.

Axie Infinity has announced that players are now able to stake their $AXS tokens in the organization. Having a stake in the game means you get to have a say in decisions that will be made for the game, giving the community power to decide the future of the game.

NFTs are taking the world by storm and it has only just started, and whether you’re a gamer, investor looking for a profit, or a crypto enthusiast. NFT games are definitely worth looking into.

RankerDAO Introduction

RankerDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that wants to enable the collective community of crypto adopters to gain access to the biggest trend of blockchain-based activities from various verticals.

Within the DAO is the guild of gamers who congregate around gaming sub-guild, GameRanker.GG. who truly understands the desire of each and every video game players from every generations – to P2E

More than that, RankerDAO wants to empower its guild members to get the full benefits of their membership of the guild through innovative concepts taken through the emergent socialfi ecosystem.

The DAO currently owns 500+ gaming NFTs, and have enabled the community to P2E in the biggest games in crypto, however, in the future, the participants of the DAO may vote on how to expand RankerDAO’s portfolio, be it metaverses, sports NFTs, works of arts, etc.

Let’s move on to the details of RankerDAO