Pegaxy series: Part 1

Market context

NFT games are currently the dominant trend, and thousands of projects have been introduced to the market. The trend started with Axie Infinity, and now it has been blooming with different genres for users to freely choose from PVP battle to space discovery. Moreover, the rapid growth of NFT games is also a push for blockchain to develop and grow its ecosystem. For instance, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum are the most common blockchains on the market. However, fee and time are major problems that these chains are facing. This opened up a huge opportunity for other chains that could solve these problems to attract new projects and expand their ecosystem. Polygon, a layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum, is a promising chain that is currently attracting new projects every day.

Regarding the genres of the NFT games, horse racing is one of the most noticeable genres. A lot of new and quality projects are built and published on different chains. Pegaxy is the pioneer in taking advantage of horse racing to build their very own metaverse. The game is inspired by the mythical horse Pegasus and aims to create a racing game with futuristic mythological styling.

Pegaxy Introduction

As play-to-earn NFT games is ruling the market, there are plenty of opportunities for project owners to build and develop their ideas. Pegaxy is one of the potential NFT based play-to-earn horse racing games developed by Polygon that will bring players to a futuristic mythological world. Players will compete with each other in a race to be in the top 3 placement to earn the utility tokens VIS (Vigorus). Also, the game allows players to breed, rent or sell their Pega and participate in tournaments to earn the VIS tokens. In the future, players can also enjoy the game in a fascinating 3D version to ensure the highest gaming experience.