Hotcross: Here come the Bosses

In this era of DeFi dominance, having a platform launch their own proprietary NFT is a must. The launch of NFT partly shows the seriousness of the platform, its harmony with DeFi as well as the unique artistic mark of the development team. This story is also true of Hotcross, a project operating in the field of Infrastructure. Hotcross gave birth to Cross Boss as we know it, but is the deep purpose of these NFTs simply for the sake of art? Well, let's dig deeper to all 5 level of features.

Level 1 - The Art

Enter Cross Bosses, Generation 0 - a collection of 8,000 unique, 1/1 ERC-721 standard NFTs generated with various body types, backgrounds, glasses, eyes, mouths, hats, accessories, and more.

Conceptually, they exist like other NFT out there in the crypto world. Their base utility is the most precious utility of an NFT: happiness, verifiable ownership, provenance, flexing, community, and signaling.

What to do with it: Admire it. Flex it. Set it as your avatar... You know the drill.

Where to buy/sell it: tofuNFT, NFTrade, Treasureland, Babylons and Rareboard


Level 2 - Staking and Farming

January 2022 is the time when Hotcross launches a unique feature that has never been seen before: NFT staking. The multi-chain NFT staking platform that may be used for staking Cross Bosses - or any other NFT collection for that matter - for ERC-20 assets. In short, the team developed audited smart contracts that allow anyone to stake an ERC-721 or ERC-1155 and receive either one or multiple ERC20’s as an incentive.

There’s also a way to stake and get incentives based on any number of trait types or rarity types in Cross Bosses. If 8,000 NFTs are created, there may be a staking pool that’s only open to, for example, pouty mouth bosses. Or pink sunglasses bosses. Or any of the 40 super-rares that were created to stand out from the crowd.

But don't be impatient, just treat the Cross Bosses like the NFTs for now, otherwise you will just get tired of waiting. That is to say: Cross Bosses exist to delight. Do that first. Staking is a cherry on top of a three-month long design production.

Cross Boss attitude coming through? It should.

Level 3 - GameFi

Cross Bosses is not for love, you have to admire it - Like a boss! - They’re face-melting, attitude-packed, swagger-laced piggies that aren’t here to mess around. They’re on a mission to do something, anything but sit still. Let me tell you, they also have personalities!


Look at every single Boss’ status: There is Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma... Sound familiar, you don’t think so? Aren’t these words come from a Role-Playing Game?

You may not notice it, but Hotcross team said that Cross Bosses are designed from Day 1 to be gamified. How do you design a beautiful collection of NFTs but also give them the ability to be ported into games? Well, Hotcross team has made that possible. Let's wait and see what is the upcoming game that the Cross Bosses will participate in.


Level 4 - SocialFi

Wait a second, if these kinds of NFT is only for GameFi, why is there more information such as “Gen 0”? Is there any other use of Cross Boss?

I think there is no more appropriate phrase to answer this question than "SocialFi". This means that now Cross Boss owners will have their own miniature society, a life of their own in the world of Hotcross.

According to Hotcross team: “Cross Bosses are tribal. They are generational. Boss Gen 0 from the West may or may not feel like it’s a good time to play with Boss Gen 0 from the East. Boss Gen 0 from the South may be besties with Boss Gen 0 from the North”. Who knows if this will happen? - that depends on you, to be honest - Because each time and place, minting Cross Bosses will require completely different input and results. So tribalism will unfold as users mint Cross Bosses, acquire and sell Cross Bosses, and form friendships based on their mutual love of Cross Bosses.

And maybe, there will be some kind of Gen 0 Groups, Underground Boss Teams, Eastern Guilds... Who knows? You are Cross Bosses, you decide this scene.


Level 5 - AR & Metaverse

Currently a strong trend in crypto, Augmented Reality (AR) is an immersive experience that improves the value and usage of real-world items using computer-generated intuitive information sent through a variety of sensory modality

Augmented Reality... Metaverse... Yes! These concepts are mixing reality with the online world.

Concepts of delight and being unsure if you’re interacting with a Cross Boss or its representation in the real world emerge.

This time, your Cross Boss is now able to appear in your room, on your head, on your computer screen, in a staking pool, on a watch face, in a merch shop, it’s yours. How will you use it?



The above is a summary of the features of Cross Boss so far. It can be seen that the potential of NFTs is growing, harmonizing and enlivening the world of DeFi and Hotcross' NFTs are no exception. The downside of the old version NFT is that they only have applications in a few separate areas, and Cross Boss is almost a perfect combination of applications. In short, Cross Boss is not just your Hotcross asset, it is your second hot "crush"!